Small truck - VEAM MOTOR

Model VPT095

Weight 4,5 tons

Model VT158




VEAM MOTOR is always proud to be a pioneer in product research and development to satisfy customers’ needs as much as possible. VEAM MOTOR is equipped with lines of Sam Sung Automobile Factory – Korea of ​​the latest generation manufactured in G7 countries. With capacity reaching 33,000 vehicles / year, VEAM MOTOR products include trucks from 0.5 tons to 30 tons, buses, and special-use vehicles.

VEAM MOTOR is located in Bim Son town, Thanh Hoa province with four main production lines: stamping line, welding line, painting line and assembly line (including light truck assembly line and assembly line. heavy truck assembly) with modern automatic and semi-automatic machinery systems. In addition, the Company also has a system of test tracks and modern test equipment such as brake testing equipment, speed test equipment, wheel precision testing, … and strict test standards. Strictly ensure high quality and stable products, especially the company has a modern research and development (R&D) center that allows designing and testing cars with a team of automotive engineers and mechanics. create powerful machines.